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Underwriting Manager Vacancy

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The Forward Underwriting Manager manages three supervisors, Wholesale Supervisor, Retail Supervisor, and Outsourcing Supervisor. These three roles directly supervise the teams of underwriters who underwrite forward mortgage loans in accordance with established policies and procedures and appropriate guidelines. This role is responsible for the overall management of the Forward Underwriting function, driving continuous improvement in results and associated processes, and coaching and developing staff. This role reports to the VP of Lending Operations and can be located remotely from anywhere in the U.S.

Job Duties

  • • Monitor the forward loan pipeline and implement smooth processes for the assignment of loans to ensure prompt underwriting decisions, handling of i sues, and escalations as needed.
    • Assist in prioritizing rushes, conditions and newly submitted loans to meet required turn times.
    • Provide advice and support when a final decision i s difficult, marginal and/or assistance i s needed on appraisal issues.
    • Oversee the manual underwriting or the validation of automated findings on Conventional and government loans.
    • Upon rejection of a loan, work with Supervisors and/or Team Leads to ensure that all appropriate options have been explored.
    • Coordinate resolution of Post Closing issues.
    • Develop and communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to drive for continuous improvement.
    • Participate in regular meetings with the Sales team to represent the Underwriting function, solicit feedback on performance including issues and concerns, and respond appropriately with plans and actions to address concerns.
    • Communicate company goals and objectives to the Forward Underwriting team so that team members can translate these into individual goals and priorities.
    • Communicate team needs, successes, and opportunities for improvement to the VP Lending Operations in regular connects.
    • Ensure that Underwriters are continuously improving their knowledge, skills and proficiencies including:
    • Current guidelines on products including various investor requirements
    • Knowledge of new programs
    • Insights gained from Post Closing or audit findings
    • Loan Origination System
    • Work with Human Resources to plan and manage to appropriate staffing levels given actual and anticipated demand, attract and hire new staff, coach and develop others, ensure pay, bonus, and recognition programs are effective to attract and retain staff, ensure proper recording of overtime and l eaves within the department, and address performance issues as needed.



• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience
• 5 – 8 years of Underwriting experience in the mortgage industry
• 3 – 5 years of leadership experience
• Experience working with licensed loan officers
• FHA Direct Endorsement/VA LAPP


You will need to answer the following questions when you apply to this job.

• Does the candidate have a DE or LAPP/SARS designation?
• Full Name
• What is your city/state of residence?
• Contact Email
• Best Contact Phone
• What is your availability to start?
• What is your candidate’s salary expectations?

Tales From the Online Marketing Crypt 10 – Playing the Dangerous Comparison Game on Social Media

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By Susan Friesen 

The Truth Behind the Social Media Gurus They Don’t Want You to Know

I’m sure we’ve all done it. Compared ourselves to the seemingly successful people that showcase their achievements on social media.

But… it sure can be a dangerous slippery slope…
You start to question yourself.

Wonder if you’re doing the right thing.

Second guessing your business and marketing strategies and thinking the grass is definitely greener on that other side of the fence.

Then the snowball builds and starts to affect how you show up in your business.

You’d rather be doing household chores than facing your to-do list.

You lose your enthusiasm for building a business at all.

You begin to think of yourself as a failure. Not worthy of success. Something must be wrong with you. Why even bother?

All because you compared yourself to the fairy tale poster children of success on social media.

The truth is every business owner has their trials and tribulations.

They all struggle in one form or another.

They’re just not letting you see that darker part of running a business.

They want you to see nothing but their successes so your impression of them is always going to be favourable.

Heck, I certainly don’t air my dirty laundry! And it’s not because I want to hide any truths from you, or be authentically transparent, it’s because it really isn’t newsworthy.

It isn’t newsworthy because it’s common.

Building a business has its ups and downs.

We all have challenging clients who won’t pay their invoices for services rendered or products received.

We all have challenges with people not showing up for scheduled appointments and ghosting us afterwards.

We all have difficulties hiring new team members, struggling to find the perfect balance between skill, enthusiasm and being in alignment with our values.

And yes, I do question myself often especially in the hiring department: Am I asking the right questions? Am I vetting deep enough to be able to foreshadow what lies ahead if I hire this person? Am I paying enough to keep them motivated to stay? Am I communicating in a way that inspires them to want to do an exceptional job with every task assigned? The list goes on.

But I don’t air these questions on social media. It’s simply not something I want to bring up and receive hundreds of opinions from people who don’t know anything about our business model and situation.

I have, however, consulted HR professionals because this is their area of expertise!

My point in all of this is to caution you against comparing yourself with others on social media.

You will never get the full story of what they are going through just from reading their posts. Even the ones who say they are being fully transparent? Trust me, they’re not sharing everything.

At the end of the day, every business owner is trying to operate a business and make enough profit to be sustainable. They aren’t going to air their dirty laundry for all to judge.

In fact, there are some “gurus” out there who are downright misleading in what they reveal on social media. I know because some of them have hired us to work with them. And it wasn’t pleasant.

They present a false visage of being wealthy, living the high life, having a successful business that allows them to travel often and enjoy the epitome of what an entrepreneur aspired to be.

But that’s not what’s really going on.

From my experience of working with such gurus:


  • They always want to pay less than my going rate, citing it should be a privilege to work with them and the exposure alone will get me more clients. Not.
  • They rarely pay their invoices on time. Some don’t pay for months. Some end up filing for bankruptcy and don’t pay at all.
  • They often operate on a “launch” business model where it’s feast or famine. They spend a lot of money launching a new product or program and rely on its success to be able to pay the pile of bills that were racked up.
  • If it was successful, they happily pay and feel good about their generosity. If the launch did not yield their desired results, then they won’t pay their bills and blame everything and everyone else but themselves for it.

And all through this, they are boasting on social media about their latest accomplishment and offering “wise” advice on how to operate a successful business.

Now not everyone is as sinister as what I just described. There are others who appear to have amazing, successful businesses and most likely they do!

But comparing yourself to them is also an exercise in futility because:


  • They are not revealing all of the hard work it took them to get to this point of success. They can’t possibly do this, or it would be a full time job just reporting in!
  • They have spent countless hours putting in the hard work long before they could call their business successful. It didn’t happen overnight for them nor should you think it should for you.
  • They have a team that supports them. Whether it’s a trusted advisor, employees, and other resources in specific areas of expertise, they are not building a successful business all by themselves. I guarantee it.

So I caution you please, before you start comparing your business to someone else’s, realize you do not know the whole story. You do not know the trials and tribulations they’ve gone through, the lawsuits they might be facing, the threat of bankruptcy nipping at their heals or anything else they are choosing not to disclose on social media.

But what you can do is:


  • Be in competition with yourself. That’s how I have always operated. Each day I ask how I can be more efficient? What can I do to attract more of our ideal clients? How can I serve my team so they feel valued? What do I need to do today to ensure all bills are paid?(Remember I’m the over-achieving badge earner it’s in my DNA to be competitive and the best competitor is myself.)
  • Have a plan. Running a business without doing your due diligence and planning first is like building on a foundation of quicksand. Make sure your business vision is viable by having a business and marketing plan in place that demonstrates your vision is also profitable.
  • Spend wisely. It’s overwhelming how many choices there are today when it comes to setting up your business systems. There are dozens of newsletter service providers, hundreds of social media management systems, thousands of web hosts and on and on and on. Before jumping into what appears to be an amazing deal, ask someone who knows that space first to get qualified insights based on your individual needs.
  • Don’t try to do it alone. You will be setting yourself up for disappointment if you do. The more you try to do things that are outside of your area of expertise, the longer and more costly it will be for you to reach your business goals.
  • And if you’re thinking you’ll spend some money now to learn what you need to know, that’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. (BTW, often it’s these gurus who are selling these programs on how to build a successful business that I referenced above.)

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into running a business. And the last thing you need is to get disenchanted with all the positive posts and grandiose imagery you see on social media.

Sure, use that as inspiration for you if that’s what you want to attain, but know there’s always more lurking behind the curtain that will never be revealed. Right Wizard of Oz fans?

To your business success,


Susan Friesen, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm eVision Media, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.

As a result of working with Susan and her team, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online marketing is in trustworthy and caring hands so they can focus on building their business with peace of mind at having a perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.

Visit here and download your FREE “Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Website’s Profitability – 10 Critical Questions You Must Ask to Get Maximum Results”.

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Why You Should Write an eBook

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By John Allo

Marketing your business with an eBook is a great way to prove your knowledge and develop some credibility within your niche.

The act of publishing an eBook sets you up with expert status almost automatically. Of course, the eBook needs to be good too, but the idea is that the eBook is not the main product. It is just a way to market the main product which is you, or your business.

Sell It Inexpensively Kindle

You can give it away by signing the eBook up exclusively on Kindle, and then allow it to be given away. Alternatively you can sell it for $2.99 or even more. It’s up to you. If the eBook is good, and you want to make money off it, it doesn’t exclude you from using the eBook as a marketing tool. This only works if you also include links and information about your website and other information inside the book.

Collect Leads by Giving It Away

You can also give it away as lead bait or incentive to your customer to sign up for your email list. Still include links in your eBook because your audience will want to buy what you suggest, and come back to your website if they know where it is.

Publicity through Authorship

Just becoming a published author carries some clout. And, don’t let anyone tell you that self-publishing is “less than” any other type of publishing. Self-publishing is actually more lucrative today than finding a publisher unless you are already famous and want to outsource some aspects. Publishers will not do much to help someone who is not already known. Therefore you may as well self-publish and use the proof of your knowledge (your eBook) to market your business.

Viral Marketing Campaigns

An eBook can be a great way to “go viral” if you know how to promote it. Use social media, book trailers, and excerpts of the book to market on social media to get the word out about the eBook and your business at the same time.

Put Links inside Your eBook

This is the most important thing outside of marketing your eBook. Ensure that you include links inside your eBook because this is how the people who buy or download your eBook (or even if they steal it) will give you business from it.

Promote It on Social Media

Don’t forget to market your business and eBook on social media using all means available, such as infographics and memes.

If you’re thinking about writing an eBook you may think it’s a pretty simple process. Or you might think researching, writing, formatting, publishing and marketing your eBook is incredibly difficult. The reality of the situation is somewhere in the middle of those two schools of thought. For more info, download my free checklist, How To Write An eBook at John Allo

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Customer Service Call Center – (Chat & Voice) – Multiple TX Locations

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Customer Service – Call Center (Chat – Voice – Social Media)

In order to submit a candidate to this position they MUST live locally to one of the following locations:

• Houston, TX
• Forth Worth, TX
• Tyler, TX
• Waco, TX
• Denison, TX
• Aubry, TX
• Denton, TX (15 miles from city center)
• Krum, TX
• Sangar, TX
• Temple, TX
• Wichita Falls, TX
• Ennis, TX
• Waxahachie, TX
• Terrell, TX is looking to hire Call Center Representatives for a key client growing and expanding their team. All work and training will be done remotely from your home. We will ship equipment to your house to help you get set up for success! You will work for a company that is redefining the way companies interact with consumers. Their technology helps companies create a personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience across all channels. Their customers are some of the worlds largest and most recognizable brands and they assist several hundred million visitors annually, through more than 1.5 billion conversations, most of which are automated. The result is an order of magnitude improvement in digital adoption, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Whats in it for me?

• Proven opportunity for growth (we do not hire any leadership from outside)
• Flexible schedules across many times of day, afternoon, evening and nights
• Great rewards and recognition
• Culturally diverse and engaging environment 
• Monthly team building activities 
• Great location and fantastic workspace 
• No collection calls!

What experience do I need?

• Six months or more of customer service experience 
• Great attitude and willingness to learn 
• Dependable with reliable transportation 
• Good communication skills 
• Solid computer/social media skills
• Ability to maintain a positive, empathetic and professional attitude toward customers
• Great problem-solving skills and the desire to help customers
• Ability to do simple math problems 
• Multitasking capabilities 
• Typing – Data Entry – 35+ WPM 
• High School Diploma or equivalent

What will I make?

• $11.75/hr. Keep in mind the opportunity to truly build a career!

What is the process? 

• Apply 
• Interview and Test 
• Pre-Employment Screening (You will need to pass a drug screen and background check going back 10 years – misdemeanors are okay)
• Start!


You will need to answer the following questions when you apply to this job.

• If the candidate is local to Dallas, TX would they be open to working ONSITE with the client?
• Is this candidate local to the state of Texas? This is REQUIRED by the client for this position. They will be working from home, but MUST live in Texas, please do not submit to this job if they don’t. Thanks!
• REQUIRED: Please provide phone number and email address! Miranda Isbell from will be calling the candidate directly to get candidate scheduled for info session and set up hiring assessment!
• Have you served in the military?*
• Are you bilingual in English and Spanish? (Not required)
• Do you have an app enabled smartphone with internet connection?*
• Do you have a dedicated, uninterrupted space to work from at home?*
• About what is the speed of your home internet connection? If you don’t know please check by clicking the following link and testing it out – must be at least 50mbps:
• When can you start?
• REQUIRED: Is the candidate comfortable being presented at $10.75/hr. – Depending on what line of business they are placed it is possible to make more but all candidates must be okay being submitted at $10.75/hr.
• What type of customer service experience? Please select all that apply.
• Do you have 6+ months of Customer Service experience?*
• Do you have a highschool diploma or GED?
• Can you pass a urinalysis drug screen?
• Can you pass a 10 year criminal background check?*


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USD United States (US) dollar
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